Updates and other trivialities

by Ketil; July 31, 2008

Just some quick notes:

Hackage submissions updated

There seems to have been problems with some of the bioinformatics applications on Hackage, thanks to Don S. for pointing it out. That should be fixed now by new uploads, but I’m still waiting for the automatic builds to register results. An, since you ask, it was all my fault for being sloppy with version dependencies. It’d all work with a recent biolib. Speaking of which,

A home page for the bioinformatics library

I’ve finally updated the static home page for the library, it can be admired (especially if you remember what Oscar Wilde had to say about that) here.

I’ve discovered HPC

No, not high-performance computing which sucks anyway, but GHC’s new ability to do coverage profiling. Adding it to the default testing procedure was just a couple of extra options. This is very cool, almost too easy, and looks pretty good. The only downside is that it exposes my sloppy attitude to testing.

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