Spring cleaning

by Ketil; May 6, 2013

The beautiful May weather is upon us, and it’s time for a spring cleaning, sorting through old drafts and dusting off old web pages. So, slightly too late to claim the spirit of “publish early, publish often”, a series of posts written over the last months and never quite finished are now out there. That is, here and here and here.

Also, while static generated HTML is great from a security perspective (my WordPress instance got hacked), the lack of comment options is really very unsatisfactory. So, after coming across a post from Gwern, I checked out disqus, and after a few moments, comments are now available. This was pretty simple, and I think the dowside of not having control of the data is an acceptable price for not having to deal with spam and security issues. Feel free to go over the back catalog and add your voice where applicable.

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