Presentation on the anatomy of de novo genome projects

by Ketil Malde; October 17, 2012

I recently gave a brief presentation, a quick overview of the analysis involved in de novo genome assembly and annotation. If you came here on purpose, chances are there’s nothing new for you, but I thought I’d make the slides available in case they are useful to anybody else. Figures made with Inkscape, a tool I’ve come to know and love. Available as a complete PDF or as individual (layered) SVGs in this directory. Enjoy!


Although Inkscape is a great drawing tool, I can’t help but note that to use them in a presentation, I

  1. Construct the drawing, with contents for different slides in layers
  2. Select layers relevant for each slide, and export to PDF
  3. Write a LaTeX wrapper that uses \includegraphics for each slide
  4. Generate the final PDF

How hard would it be to do everything from within Inkscape? Perhaps we could have an “inkscript” that lists files and sets of visible layers, and can display them full screen in succession? Currently, “inkview” can display a bunch of SVGs in succession, but it’d be nice to have it be aware of layers as well - separating the slide contents from its presentation.

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